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Quartz Worktops

Granite Solutions Direct is delighted to announce that we now offer the full range of composite Quartz worktops from the following suppliers:

  • Compac (Compacmq2.com)
  • Technistone (cz.technistone.com/en)
  • Cimstone (cimstone.com.tr)

There are around 150 colours to choose from to suit any design or pallet, all of which have hard wearing & anti-bacterial properties.  Please ask for a sample or visit our Slough Showroom and state of the art factory. You can rest assured that your quartz worktops will provide you with pleasure for years to come……if you don’t mind the envious neighbours!

New Kitchen Range

Granite Solutions Direct is delighted to announce the addition of a stunning range of kitchens to our product suite. We are therefore not only able to offer you granite worktops, quartz worktops, marble/granite/quartz floor tiles, granite knobs and handles but extremely high quality kitchen units too.  The kitchen cupboards are delivered within 8 days of order and on a single pallet to facilitate easy storage.  Review the kitchen ranges on offer on our kitchens menu of the website and then contact us with your choice and to book a free design session.  We have expanded into new premises so please feel free to visit our showroom and state of the art factory in Slough.  Please call on 01628 606880 to book your appointment.

Granite Installation - Our Total Quality Approach

At Granite Solutions Direct we operate a unique TOTAL QUALITY approach:

Site Survey->Template->Customer Inspection->Granite Processing->Quality Inspection->Granite Installation->Customer Inspection->If Concerns raised->Quality Inspection-> Rectification within 3 days.

We do not source our granite from the cheapest companies as this often means up to a 5mm difference in thickness, artificial treatment to achieve the polish and chips filled with resin.  All of our granite is sourced from the 2 largest granite suppliers in the World, one based in Spain and the other in Italy.  Both operate fair trade practices and use the latest technology to achieve the highest quality finish that provides the optimimal longevity of the installed product.

We are certainly not the cheapest nor the most expensive, but we do offer complete peace of mind for your granite installation and a level of service second to none.

Granite Knobs and Handles

Our granite knobs and handles are individually made to order and then air freighted to your door.  Each knob or handle is strictly quality controlled to ensure consistency in build and colour match.  Each is individually boxed to ensure that it arrives without breakage, but of course if there is an issue then these are replaced free of charge on return of the broken item.

Granite Solutions Direct are the sole UK supplier of these high quality, unique and beautiful products so ensuring the individuality and exclusiveness of your design choice. 

Granite for Construction Projects

Granite Solutions Direct supply a wide range of granite to bespoke designs for large scale building projects including for Berkley Homes.  Granite cladding is a particularly popular choice due to its aesthetic appeal and longevity. 

When specifying finish, the Architect must consider the application.  Whilst a honed or polished finish is acceptable for vertical surfaces, the risks surrounding slips and falls call for a flamed finish when layed horizontally.

Reliability and quality is of course an imperative. When deadlines loom the last thing any project manager wants is to be waiting for the granite to arrive when the grand opening has already been scheduled.  Time is money and we at Granite Solutions Direct are supremely aware of this.  When we set a delivery date we rarely change it and in most cases will beat it.  The quality and conformance with specification of the final product is a matter of pride for us.  We are fully aware that reputation is everything and the expectations of the customer will never fail to be met, but will often be exceeded.

And all this at the most cost effective prices available.

  • Pride
  • Economy
  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Service

Classification of Granite

There are many different classification schemes for stone.  The British Standard BS EN12440 Denomination of Natural Stone addresses classification and insists upon the correct identification of stone type and its origin.  However, this is simplified within the UK stone industry and all stones must be considered individually for their merits when used as horizontal surfaces.  The main elements of importance to the customer are: is it durable with a limited chance of chipping and breaking in the future following installation; is it durable in relation to the types environment which it will be used in.  Typically, a rule of thumb would be that only granite should be used in the kitchen environment due to its strength and resistence to staining, whilst marbles and limestones can be used in bathrooms and for flooring.

The term Granite has been applied to almost any igneous stone that can retain a polish.  True granites provide many of these stones but other types that may fall into this calssification include syenites, gabbros, dolerites and diorites.  Gneisses and schists are matamorphic rocks that are sometimes included in this category.  The formation of igneous rocks (”granite”) is by the cooling of molten materials to form minerals such as quartz, feldspar and hornblende, resulting in a wide variety of colours and grain patterns.  The interlocking crystal structure imparts both the high strength and low porosity necessary for a wide range of applications.

The main sources for imported granites are currently Scandinavia, South Africa, Sardinia, India and China.  Care should be taken with some of the Chinese stones however.  For example, Black Pearl which is commonly traded as a granite is actually lava flow and therefore less dense and more porous than true granite (igneous formation).  It will also react and turn white with many household fluids such as wine and lemon.  The same is true for China Black “granite”. The consumer should therefore be wary when offered extremely cheap granite in pre-cut “blank” form as these are often only possible to be made in China at a good price due to the cheap labour market.  The same rule of thumb should always apply - if in doubt, ask for an off-cut and test it yourself or at least be aware of what you are buying and so take appropriate steps to treat the product more carefully in the future.

Special Offers


  • Granite Worktop Price match guarantee for like quality within 60 miles of our Slough showroom.
  • Free Delivery of Granite Worktops within 15 miles of our Slough Showroom.
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